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Cymbals Repaired and Customised

Cymbals Repaired and Customised

Rescue your cymbals..! Visit for an affordable personalised cymbal repair service based in Brighton.

Check out the website and contact Tom for more information.


from Tom -

Breaking cymbals is a drummer’s worst nightmare and buying new ones can be ridiculously expensive! However a cracked cymbal can usually be repaired if you catch it before it gets too big!

If you wish to modify a cymbal let me know what type of customisation you would like and we can discuss what can be done.

Send me pictures of your broken cymbals and any you wish to modify to get a quote and discuss the best options for you!

Types of repairs/ customisation that I do include:

Scallop repair
Shape cut outs
Diameter reduction
Centre hole re-shaping

Unique Free Percussion Concert

Unique Free Percussion Concert

Band / Artist Photography

Band / Artist Photography